There is virtue in everyday simple family moments if we allow ourself to live them to the fullest. The sport of parenting is a book that serves as a reminder of just that.


The sport of parenting is a compilation of heartfelt moments that I experienced as a parent and I accompanied each passage with colorful paintings.

Other parents that have read my writings; see a reflection of themselves because one way or another, we all live those same stories… The cuddling, the diaper training, first day of school, first loose tooth, first tantrum, and so on.

The reflections are versatile, at times funny and light, other times they can be sweet and a bit sarcastic. Most of the pages however, have a profound teaching and a beautiful metaphor.

This little book can be enjoyed and finished in a very small amount of time. It’s straight and attractive, inviting many revisits.

It’s also the perfect gift for any great parent.


Hello there! I’m Oyuki Aguilar, I was born and raised in Tijuana , Mexico. As a young teen I was passionate about reading. I read and read until the sun came up. I worshipped books.

I studied and received a B.A. in clinical psychology from CETYS University. Later I received my B.A. in Early Childhood Education from the American Montessori Society in Centro de Enseñanza Montessori A.C. and I have a minor in art from San Diego State University.

I live on the west coast, I’m married and have two children that inspire me to write and paint my cares away.

I am deeply grateful to my family.