The Holidays are very generous times. They can bring so many things to one’s life like magic, goodness and wonder. But they tend to be a bit nostalgic too. They remind us of sad or cherished memories, they make us self-conscious about our diseases, they sometimes bring family conflicts and they can definitely make you […]

please Join me in the next Book signing December 3rd at the Fallbrook Public Library

I am grateful to be included in such a wonderful event. 5 authors and 8 books to be presented and signed at the fall brook Public Library, December 3rd at 2 pm. Hope you can make it.

How My Multiple Sclerosis Taught Me to Let Go of Negativity

I consider myself to be a positive person. I believe I am open, respectful, honest and generous. I live day to day achieving small tasks, completing chores, tending to my children’s happy life and my family’s love. I share my blessings with my neighbors and my community. I smile all day because I find it […]

Daily Mom, what a privilege to be featured in your site.

The Diagnosis That Leaves A Legacy

Honor to be intervied by Parade.com

An Inspiring Mother With Muliple Sclerosis Pens a Love Letter to Her Children

How my multiple sclerosis helps me cope with this unusual race to the white house.

I feel an Armageddon ambiance in people nowadays in social media concerning the race to the white house. Paranoid, alarmist and desperate calls to action bombard my Facebook feed, all trying to persuade me to vote for one candidate or another, or neither! So yesterday I finally decided to respond to one outcry of hopelessness […]

Everything isn’t for everyone but you have to try to find out… like homeschooling… Here I go on another adventure!

My family and I moved to the country and we could not be happier, everything is so beautiful and wholesome but there are some complications, like the city and its amenities being very far away; not to mention the winding road we have to drive in and out of our home gets us car sick […]

A gift for someone always ends up being a gift to oneself

I began this project of writing to my children thinking it would be a gorgeous thing for them. I still think it’s a marvelous idea and they do enjoy and appreciate it very much; now that right there is a present for me. However, I have to admit, I have benefited greatly and honestly… I […]

Deciding to live in the countryside for our children’s development and its adventures.

When my husband and I began to look for a residence, we were looking for a place that had a big back yard so our children would have plenty of space to expand in. But big properties in the city are very expensive so we began to move away from suburbia and into the countryside. […]

A Challenge: awareness and love at home in the midst of all the hatred outside

It seems that every time I turn on the news or social media, there is always something to complain about. Terrorism, aggressive politics,  wild animals attacking children, racism, homophobia and greed. We can choose from an extensive buffet of problems to complain about for breakfast; however, I wonder if we are conscious of how we […]

Letter to my children

My treasures: I wonder if you will ever have the interest to become a parent in the future, if you do, know that you will have secured a sense of purpose in this world. When you become a mom or a dad, you get to experiment with the wonders of selflessness. You acquire the art […]

Coloring my emotions through love letters to my children

One enlightened day, I felt inspired to write to my children a series of love letters. So I evoked my passion of prose and poetry and opened my literature music box. The poetic notes of Dickinson, Sabines and Breton came out. Also playing were the voices of Dumas, Fitzgerald and Fulghum. They all spilled into […]

Multiple Sclerosis: a blessing in my life

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on June 22, 2008. The day before, I woke up feeling dizzy and noticed I could not turn my eyeballs sideways. I went to my doctor and he ordered a brain MRI. The black and blue pictures of my head revealed white spots, which suggested my T cells had […]

Bright New Voices: Don’t give up your dreams!

Thank you, Hay House Radio, for a wonderful interview! And congratulations to all the new authors who were there with me. There are reruns this week and you can catch it tomorrow, Friday, June 3, at 1:00 pm Pacific time. Or click the link above to listen in.  

How this little book was created.

This project came about as a New Year’s resolution. Starting the year 2015 I decided that I was going to quiet the voices outside of me, so that I could listen to my own. When I turned off Facebook and television and social gatherings, I discovered I was worried about leaving this earth and not […]

NBC San Diego coverage of The Sport of Parenting

Click to view coverage of the book by Channel 7 in San Diego!

NBC San Diego article

Click to view the story by Catherine Garcia of Channel 7:

Booksigning at Upstart Crow Bookstore & Coffeehouse

Thank you to everyone who joined me for a booksigning at Upstart Crow Bookstore & Coffeehouse!

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

We ran out of copies at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! HUGE thanks you to everyone that came out to visit us today and for waiting in line (in the rain) for a signed copy.