Coloring my emotions through love letters to my children

One enlightened day, I felt inspired to write to my children a series of love letters.

So I evoked my passion of prose and poetry and opened my literature music box.

The poetic notes of Dickinson, Sabines and Breton came out. Also playing were the voices of Dumas, Fitzgerald and Fulghum. They all spilled into the ink and gave form to my own unique style.

As I passed the days watching my son and daughter, I would outline them with pencil and words,

and when I was finished and happy…

I began to color my emotions.

This new project was born: to combine sentences with paints.

So my adventures in acrylics began; it was time to bring out my expressionists.

With the help of the sun, I traced my visions in inexpensive watercolor paper, with inexpensive paints and inexpensive brushes. The cutest forms were born: lollipops, pumpkins, Guinea pigs and gnomes; all represented in a beautiful bright palette.

In the end, the small paintings came out quite lovely, guaranteeing my children’s delight. I successfully captured their interest and to my surprise all the adults in my life as well.

The same affection and effort that was poured into the narrative… was invested in the artwork: A double present for my spoiled little ones.

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