Letter to my children

My treasures:

I wonder if you will ever have the interest to become a parent in the future, if you do, know that you will have secured a sense of purpose in this world.

When you become a mom or a dad, you get to experiment with the wonders of selflessness. You acquire the art of devotion and you live the bliss of unconditional love.

IMG_1482 (1)A most important trial it is, to give this planet a good person, an honest and sweet person, a worthy person.   If you succeed, if you are perseverant and successful, you will master the ultimate lecture on altruism. You will develop compassion and humility, which are key ingredients for happiness.

You are the most important things that I have ever done. There will never be something more important, for you were a life long project that started and will end with sheer endearment.

I wear my title “mom” like a badge of honor. To be given the opportunity to bring you up in this world and to share with you the best of me is the highest privilege I can think of.

Thank you for loving me and I hope you always remember the intent with which my gift of words was offered, as a powerful tool of hope and passion for anything you might want to do with your life.


Your mother.

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