The Holidays are very generous times. They can bring so many things to one’s life like magic, goodness and wonder. But they tend to be a bit nostalgic too. They remind us of sad or cherished memories, they make us self-conscious about our diseases, they sometimes bring family conflicts and they can definitely make you feel lonely if you are caught off guard.

Politics as usual, are not exactly mistletoe and peace. I suspect for some this will add a sprinkle of spicy peppermint doubt on the future, but there is always HOPE.

So in the spirit of the seasons, I decided to send out a gift to all; the gift of PERSPECTIVE:

We live in a tiny beautiful planet.

If we were to go outside our atmosphere and just keep going; if we go far enough and turn around to look back on earth, we would see a shiny speck of barrowed light suspended in the vast expanse of space. And we would realize that life is nothing but a microscopic miracle. We are rare as we are majestic. We are like blazing protons in an shiny electron. We are very small but indispensable nonetheless; just like everything else in this universe, we are wonderful.


But if we are fragile and miniscule, how do we get to believe our problems are huge and indestructible?

If we are tiny, doesn’t that mean our problems should be even tinier?

Why do we tend to believe we are giants and our troubles enormous?

If we realize we are miniatures… should that not be enough to make us humble? Should that not be enough to make us go easy on ourselves?


I think Humphrey Bogart said it best in Casablanca in that unforgettable airport scene when he told Ingrid Bergman: “It doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that.” Oh! But I do understand Humphrey, I understand completely.


With this in mind, I invite everyone to go through our loads, as we would go through a drawer full of old clothes and take our time to sort out what we don’t like, what doesn’t fit; what doesn’t need to be with us anymore. Let us keep only what makes us feel good and sexy and happy. Lets imagine our worries fit perfectly in a cardboard box and metaphorically place it on the curbside of our lives to have the cosmos trash truck pick it up and take it away.

We can do this. We can comfort and pardon ourselves.

Maybe all of our problems will not go away, but our pessimistic attitude will and we can continue to lead our lives with calmness and grace.

We will feel lighter and kinder and full of Goodwill toward mankind.


Please receive my love and know you are not alone, you are amazing and we are all in this petite solar system together.

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