Deciding to live in the countryside for our children’s development and its adventures.

When my husband and I began to look for a residence, we were looking for a place that had a big back yard so our children would have plenty of space to expand in. But big properties in the city are very expensive so we began to move away from suburbia and into the countryside. After looking relentlessly at several houses, each one by the way was farther out of town than the last one; we finally found the perfect location… situated in the outskirts of San Diego. Surrounded by huge rocks and oak trees, we found home and yes! I think we went a little overboard with the big back yard issue.


Very nervous at first, however we have been adapting to our new way of living: longer commutes to anywhere, simpler outfits with tough shoes and hats; better night’s rest while the crickets serenade and so many stars showoff their brilliance.

Instead of looking out for mice, rats and cockroaches, we now deal with the threat of scorpions and rattlesnakes. And while some people get dogs to guard off burglars, we need one to guard off bobcats.


These new living conditions have given us the perfect opportunity to learn and adapt, to be more flexible and serene. The best part is: we are doing it together and that has brought us closer.


As for myself, I feel so much better, I am more centered and peaceful, being surrounded by so much beauty makes my body be more in sync with the universe.


My children want to go exploring everyday, they have discovered that ants do extremely well at teamwork, rocks make excellent chairs and humming birds can get along by the dozens when there is enough food to go around for everyone.

Also, they began their rock collection, added various colored feathers and different shaped acorns.


I kept telling them that the real treasures of this world were found in nature… I think they are getting the message. I love that they find the natural world so fascinating.


Although we still have a lot to learn, we are enjoying every second of our earth’s lessons. It has been a blissful experience; I highly recommend it to every family.

I know we are better for it.IMG_2284

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