How this little book was created.

This project came about as a New Year’s resolution.

Starting the year 2015 I decided that I was going to quiet the voices outside of me, so that I could listen to my own.

When I turned off Facebook and television and social gatherings, I discovered I was worried about leaving this earth and not having told my children how I felt and what I hoped for them, so I decided to write to them. I wanted to express the magic they made me feel everyday in the most ordinary circumstances.

One day that very same January, I was enjoying bath time with my children and there was something about the way the sun’s light was coming through the window, shiny bubbles where everywhere and laughter, so much laughter, that I had to capture that moment forever.

First I took beautiful pictures, but it was not enough, I brought a notepad and a pencil; I began to write inside the bathroom. It was as if I was painting with words. I wanted to tell my children how wonderful I felt when I saw them happy and wet.

And that is how the first letter appeared: “bath time.”

The following day I was taking them to paint class and I was running a bit late but again I saw my children’s glowing faces through the rear view mirror and I found myself curious about their world of thoughts. I came back home and I began to write about that.

This was the second letter: I called it carpool.

The days progressed and my writing was flowing, I couldn’t stop. I felt so inspired and one day I decided to share it and ask for opinions. I showed my work to my husband and sister, I explained to them I was going to make a compilation of these letters with pictures for the kids, something for them to appreciate when they are a bit older; of course they loved it all.  I then figured if I painted, if I include some artwork I would make this project even more fun and inviting for my son and daughter, that way, they would be more eager to come and revisit the little book.

Half way through, I was so exited and began to question whether others could enjoy and benefit from it, and that is when I passed it on to my best friends. They gave me raving reviews (of course) and they cheered me on. My final test, I took my writings to a couple of wonderful teachers and both told me it was very profound in content, that it had a beautiful style and they ultimately gave me the confidence to publish.

When I thought about publishing my book, I thought I would share it the way I meant it for my family: which was sweet, short, creative and inspiring.

In the end, my sister Jadyn who is a graphic designer helped me put it all together and the result was amazing! I love watching my children and other people too, enjoy all of the paintings carefully, page by page.

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