Everything isn’t for everyone but you have to try to find out… like homeschooling… Here I go on another adventure!

My family and I moved to the country and we could not be happier, everything is so beautiful and wholesome but there are some complications, like the city and its amenities being very far away; not to mention the winding road we have to drive in and out of our home gets us car sick often. So when my husband and I began talking about schools for our children, our adored neighbor enlightened us with her wisdom and suggested we consider homeschooling. Like many people that live around this area, we set up an appointment with the academy for homeschool and were oriented by the wonderful staff.

It turns out, children have a choice in being educated in a familiar, loving and comfortable surrounding; at home. It was explained that kids are assessed and pick up were they left off, regardless of grade level, if children are ahead or behind, they are exactly matched with their skills. Parents are handed a guide and syllabus of subjects and expectations, they even go as far as to give a day to day planner so the new teacher knows how best to utilize time and resources. The academy provides didactic materials free of charge to support the lessons. Not only are books provided, the program offers extracurricular activities in all areas and 2 to 4 field trips per month which are free or a couple of dollars. My children asked: “can we study in our PJs?” Heck Yeah!

I do not know if this will work in the long run but I will never know unless I try. So far, it has been one week and all I can say is “bless my neighbor.” They get a freshly prepared lunch everyday, we get to make our cool science projects in our backyard and I get to give my children kisses every time they get the math problem correct. For whatever time life allows me to do this, I will savor each minute and hopefully this too will be a positive and important part of my children’s lives.

Being adventurous pays off…

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